Monday, June 18, 2012

Resources for Gender and Sex Diversity Topics

June is Gay Pride Month, so we’re featuring some resources available that provide access to scholarly research and literature dealing with various gender and sex diversity topics.

LGBT Life is the definitive index to the world's literature regarding Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender issues.  Some key areas of interest covered by LGBT Life include civil liberties, culture, employment, family, history, politics, psychology and religion.  In addition to significant LGBT journals, the database also indexes and provides access to the full text of several other publications relevant to multicultural scholarship in this area such as monographs, reference books, newspapers, speeches and more.

 LGBT Life is offered by EBSCO Publishing, Inc. and is brought to us via OhioLINK, a state-wide resource sharing network serving Ohio’s academic community.   Like many of other research databases by EBSCO that we’ve featured here on our blog, this resource utilizes the same EBSCOhost interface so the method of searching and retrieving information follows the same guidelines.  (See our “Finding Articles” tutorial for details, which is available through the University of Rio Grande’s YouTube Channel at:

Other OhioLINK Research Databases that should also prove helpful when researching LGBT-related concerns are Gender Studies Database and SocINDEX.  Both of these resources are offered by EBSCO as well and also utilize the EBSCOhost interface. 

 LGBT Life, Gender Studies Database and SocINDEX may all be found through the “Library Databases (articles and more)” link found on the OhioLINK Home Page available at:  (see Figure 1 below.)

Figure 1 (Click image for larger view.)

The easiest ways to find the access links to each of these database is alphabetically “By Name” or also “By Subject” with LGBT Life and Gender Studied Database being listed under the heading “Women’s and Gender Studies” and SocINDEX being found under the heading “Sociology.”

As with many of the OhioLINK Research Databases, access to these resources is restricted.  The information they contain is licensed for use only by students, faculty and staff of OhioLINK member institutions.  (For more details, eligible Rio Grande users should see our "Off-Campus Access" how-to video at: 

If you have any questions about using these or any other OhioLINK Research Databases, feel free to..."Ask Us!"

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