Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Last Day of Spring View

View from Davis Library’s 2nd Floor around 1:50 PM Tuesday 6.19.12
Tomorrow—June 20th or the next day—June 21st (depending on your time zone) is officially the first day of the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere.  

Also known as the “Summer Solstice” or “the longest day of the year,” it’s the annual occurrence of the sun reaching the most northern point in the sky creating more sunlight on this day than any other.  After this date, daylight hours begin to shorten as the Earth’s orbital positioning and relationship with the sun changes over time.

Want to learn more about this astronomical event or any other science-related matters?  Check out Science Online, an award-winning reference database from Facts On File/Infobase Publishing covering a wide range of scientific disciplines (Figure 1.)  This resource is available to Rio Grande students, faculty and staff via OhioLINK, the Ohio Library and Information Network.

Figure 1 (Click image for larger view)

For more details on “Off-Campus Access” to this or other OhioLINK Research Databases, just… “Ask Us!”

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