Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Week Before Finals View

View from the Davis Library's 2nd Floor around 10:15 AM Wednesday 4.25.12

Wow!  It’s the week before finals week!  Hard to believe another semester is just about over and done.  Just want to offer a few tips here that you might want to consider when preparing for exams:

Get organized!  Make sure you know when and where your tests are being given.  Final exam schedules generally don’t follow your regular class schedule.  A link to Rio’s 2012 Spring Semester Final Exam Schedule can be found on the university’s home page:
Keep calm and carry on!  Panicking will get you nowhere.  Take time to review what you’ve learned.  Understand what you know and don’t know and work to fill in those gaps.  Avoid cramming and all night study sessions.  Getting rest, eating right and taking some “time out” to exercise can help you stay positive and limit stress.  

Ask for help!  Is there a concept you don’t quite understand?  Contact your instruction for clarification. Let friends and family know that you’ll need some extra study time during the week.  See if they’ll help you out with some of your usual responsibilities, or at least cut you some slack if your chores don’t get done quite like normal.  Form study groups with friends or classmates.  Getting together regularly with others to focus on schoolwork can help you avoid procrastination.  Also, sharing each others' understandings of the course material and learning styles can make processing information a much more meaningful experience.  

Need a quiet place to study?  Davis Library’s 2nd Floor is the place… good luck!

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