Thursday, April 12, 2012

Congratulations Poetry Slam Winners!

Poetry Slam Contestants/Winners pictured left to right:  Joan Unroe (4th Place); Taryn Strawser & Courtney Blankenship (3rd Place); Jeffrey Williams (1st Place); Eric Doan (2nd Place); and Christian Forgey (5th Place)

We just want to thank and congratulate our “Spring Hoopla” poetry slam contestants and winners for braving an extremely cold spring evening to share their own original poems with us.  Despite the chilly weather, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  

Hearty cheers of appreciation go out to all that joined us for the party… especially those from the crowd that volunteered to take up the microphone and recite various types of works for the “Open Mic” sessions between the competitive rounds. 

Nathan Wood (URG Grande Student) as emcee
Rio Grande student Nathan Wood also did a highly commendable job as the emcee for the night and we’re so glad he was available to entertain us. 

The university’s Athletic Department, Offices of Student Activities and Instructional Design & Media Services as well as the Rio Grande Bookstore were also very helpful in making the event a success.  We’re very grateful for the jerseys, technical support, food and prizes they supplied.

Kudos also go to Sodexo Food Service on campus for donating some much needed hot coffee to warm things up.

Then finally, our judges/referees should be acknowledged for doing a yeoman’s job in evaluating all of the poet performances and selecting and placing our program’s winners. 

Look for more photos of the event to be posted soon on the Davis Library’s Facebook Page

Poetry Slam Judges/Referees pictured left to right:  Bryna Butler (Author & URG Alum); Joanne Ford (Author/Poet & URG Assistant Professor of English); Jack Hart (Author/Poet & URG Professor of English); and Robert Fish (URG Psychology Instructor)

Many thanks to all!

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