Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chief Cornstalk at Chautaugua June 21

 An 1872 drawing of Cornstalk from Frost's Pictorial History of Indian Wars and Captivities

Continuing to celebrate and prepare for Chautauqua in Gallipolis June 21-25:

Chief Cornstalk

This is from our World Book Almanac:

Cornstalk (1720?-1777), a Shawnee Indian chief, became a central figure in Indian wars in Ohio during the late 1700's. He became alarmed when a conflict between other Ohio Indians and Virginians led to an invasion by two armies of Virginians in 1774. 

Cornstalk feared the Virginians would overrun Ohio, and so he led a Shawnee army against one of the Virginian forces. His warriors were defeated at the Battle of Point Pleasant in October 1774. The battle ended what was called Lord Dunmore's War, named after Virginia's governor. In 1777, Cornstalk was visiting Point Pleasant when other Indians killed a settler. 

A mob took revenge by killing Cornstalk, his son, and three other Shawnee. These murders led to years of warfare in Ohio. Cornstalk was probably born in Pennsylvania.

Green, Michael D. "Cornstalk." Academic World Book. World Book, 2016. Web. 13 May 2016.

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