Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thank You Up Front!

View of Davis Library Main Entrance around 12 PM Wednesday 5.1.13

Wow!   May 1st has arrived!  

April was an extremely busy month for us at Davis Library and things aren’t showing any signs of settling down as we head into the final stretch of the semester.  

We’re already midway through the last week of classes and realized we hadn’t expressed our formal thanks and appreciation for your support of all of our activities held last month during National Library Week (NLW) April 14-20 and the first-ever URG Pride Week on campus (April 21-27) organized by the LGBT&A (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally) Group here at the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College

So here it goes…  THANK YOU!!!

Bryna Butler
We had a great turn out for Books with Bite:  An Author Talk with Bryna Butler on Thursday, April 18th.  The event was hosted by the Friends of the Davis Library in honor of Support Teen Literature Day!, which is an important aspect of NLW each year that raises awareness on the value of Young Adult Literature (YAL).

Bryna Butler, a Rio Grande alumna, is the creator of the Midnight Guardian Series, young adult paranormal fiction novels that give readers that a fresh take on the supernatural world of the tooth fairy.  Butler discussed her experiences writing, publishing and marketing her work.
In addition to the Friends’ event, Davis Library hosted a small exhibit of artwork made by local preschool children attending the Rio Grande Development Center.  NLW often coincides with the Week of the Young Child so highlighting Rio Grande’s early childhood services and teacher training programs as well as the achievements of the very young people on campus and in our immediate surrounding areas has become a tradition for us each spring.
Local Preschool Children's Artwork on Display with Picture Books from Davis Library's Juvenile Collection

Take a poem or two!

Another tradition we’ve been seeking to establish is a strong appreciation for poetry and the art of the spoken word.  April is National Poetry Month (NPM) so Davis Library made poems readily available for everyone who visited us with our Poem in Your Pocket display.

April Julier, PhD, URG Asst. Prof. of English & LGBT&A Advisor
The LGBT&A Open Mic session offered on the Davis Library’s Main Floor Wednesday, April 24th in support of URG Pride Week also helped to emphasize poetry as a powerful form of literary expression.  Many readers that day shared poems by LGBT authors or other works that celebrated diversity or dealt with issues concerning the LGBT community.

Davis Library's book display for "URG Pride Week"

Davis Library supported this event too by putting up a book display featuring the works of well-known LGBT authors and figures throughout history.

Once again, we want to thank you for your assistance in making Davis Library such a warm, welcoming and comfortable place for everyone (whether visiting in-person or online) for both learning and leisure.

To see more photos of these events, visit the Davis Library Facebook Page at:

As always, if you have any questions about the Davis Library’s services or program…“Ask Us!

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