Friday, March 8, 2013

Almost 5 O’ Clock Friday Up Front

View of Davis Library's Main Entrance around 4:40 PM Friday 3.8.13


The weekend is almost here!  It’s time to kick back and relax for a bit.  

However, since we know some of you will still be making time for your studies the next couple of days, we just want to put a reminder “out there” that the Davis Library is open most weekends throughout the semester.  

Our hours for this coming weekend are as follows:

Saturday 1 - 5 PM
Sunday 5 - 9 PM

Working from home?  Our #1 reference question after hours is on how to access the OhioLINK Research Databases from home or off campus. 

An "authentication process" is required and you’ll be prompted to complete the following steps when trying access any OhioLINK "restricted service" from anywhere besides any of the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community locations (Rio Grande, McArthur/Vinton or Pomeroy/Meigs):
  1. Identify your institution, which you'll use a drop down box/menu to select "University of Rio Grande" and submit. 
  2. Enter and submit your name (first and last); barcode (your student ID# with the letter "s" at the beginning... e.g. S123456789 - Rio Grande Faculty and Staff should enter their employee ID# with no added "s" or other letters required); and PIN (Personal Identification Numbers for students are set by default to the last 4-digits of your Social Security Number.  Faculty and Staff may sign up for their PINs using the "Faculty/Staff Library Registration Form" available at:
The "Login now to restricted services link" found on the OhioLINK Databases Page or the direct link may utilized to get this authentication process started.

For “walk-through” demonstration, see our video tutorial below or at:  

Have Questions?  Please... "Ask Us!"

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