Saturday, February 2, 2013

It’s Groundhog Day Up Front!

View of Davis Library's Main Entrance around 2 PM Saturday 2.2.13

While “Punxsutawney Phil” is predicting an early spring, today’s forecast is bringing us nothing but snow and lots of it!

However, with the third week of the term already coming to a close, we know—beyond a shadow of a doubt—that warmer weather, finals week and the end of Spring Semester will all be here soon enough.  

Oh, how time flies!
So, if you want a great place to study, need help finding information for your research projects, or just want a warm inviting place to take the chill off between classes, Davis Library at the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande is just the spot.  

Is that “Level One (Two orThree) Snow Advisory” keeping you away?  We know it’s not that little football game coming up this weekend—right?!  

Then, feel free to visit us online at: 

Through our participation in the Ohio Library and Information Network—OhioLINK, we’re able offer you a wealth of resources—wherever and whenever—you’ve got Internet access.

Have any questions about our library services?  Just—“Ask Us! 

Stay warm!  Stay safe!  Enjoy what’s left of Groundhog Day and that holiday of holidays (albeit not official)—Super Bowl Sunday!

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