Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sunny Up Front View

View of the Davis Library's Main Entrance around 9:30 AM Wednesday 9.12.12

Wow!  It’s been a busy and hectic semester so far and here at the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College.  

We’re at Week 4 and have something shiny and new at the library tell you about... 

A new Textbook Reserve Program has been established in conjunction with the Rio Grande Bookstore.  

With this program, the bookstore has placed several key works on Course Reserves with the Davis Library’s Circulation Desk in an effort to ensure students have access to required readings—especially early in the term when many students are still trying to work out financial aid issues that can delay their textbook purchases.

Not all textbooks for all classes are available on our Course Reserves system.  The bookstore is only making available right now those items used by many of the classes that fulfill the university’s General Education Program requirements.

It’s important to note that these items are LIBRARY USE ONLY.  That means they may not leave the library building.  Students may take notes or photocopy the parts of these texts they need for educational purposes.

Select Textbooks on Course Reserves
Coin-operated photocopiers are available on the Davis Library’s Main and Ground Floors.   Photocopies are 5¢ per copy.   The machines will take $1 dollar bills and change for smaller bills ($5-10) is available at the Circulation Desk.

Search Course Reserves by Instructor Name
If you want to know what textbooks the bookstore has made available, you may do a Print Reserve Search by Professor, a special option in RioCat—Davis Library’s Catalog featured on the library’s home pageHere you’ll enter the word bookstore into the “Instructor Search” space and submit.

If you have any questions about these textbooks or other Course Reserve items, please don’t hesitate to “Ask Us!

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